Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Takeoff 1/3 of mega hiphop group Migos has released a new smash called "Last Memory." It is rumored to be the first single off of his upcoming album "The Last Rocket"

Watch the official music video for "Last Memory" by Takeoff Stream/Download "Last Memory" Now:

Take Off Last Memory Lyrics

[Chorus] Woke up this morning can't remember nothing Two bitches just flew in from London (Two bitches) Last thing I remember they callin' me daddy The mattress was covered in money (In hunnids) Went to sleep with my jewelry and chains on Had to wake up and recount the money (Recount it) I got a bitch, she gon' kill for real Talk about Clyde and Bonnie (Brr)

[Post-Chorus] Coupe with the kit, cop it (Got to) Pull up with a stick, stop it (Stop it) Rich nigga shit, solid (Rich nigga) Old hunnids, pockets rotted (Cottage) I go to space with the stars (Stars) Might smoke a blunt with my pilot (Cookie) Saturn, Moon, Earth, and Mars (Mars) NASA takeoff with the rocket (NASA)

[Verse] Half a million on a necklace (A half) Young rich niggas we successful (Successful) Said she wanna feel special (She what) That coco make her feel special (Coco) I count a hunnid or better (One hunnid) Back in two hunnid or better (Two hunnid) I might go put all my chains on (Ice) I just might change up the weather (Change it) She pop a perc, her pussy wetter (Drip) I met the bitch at Coachella (Coachella) Is she Nutella? She probably do better But can I get a E for effort? (E) I prayed to God to wash my sins (God) Nothing formed against me, not a weapon (No weapon) Ask Him where do I begin (Where?) Devil tryna take my blessings (My blessings) They don't know the meaning of the white (Naw) You don't really live this life (No) Niggas in the hood shootin' twice (Pew pew) See my niggas in the hood shoot precise (Brr) Real wise, we ain't taking no advice (Naw) I realize that these hoes ain't right (All of 'em) Don't even ask, 'cause they know what's the price (Price) Ain't gotta snow, they already know it's white (White) I talk to God cause I been baptized (Baptized) I got mob ties to the nawf side (Nawf side) Pull up with the sticks on the niggas, straight slime (Skrt-Skrt) They gon' make the nawf side high crime (Nawf) Better not hit a lick with these niggas droppin' ten (Huh) Hit a lick with these niggas droppin' dimes Fuckin' on her friend I'ma break her back in (Smash) Lookin' at the watch I can't waste time (T-T-Takeoff)

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