Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Album Notes

Prince Jema reflects on previous relationships, love, and the darkness of being alone; The cover is a representation of a relationship portrayed by a rose beautiful in the beginning and over time shriveling to death. The LP explores different times and many mixed emotions. The raw expression and vulnerability of the tracks makes Shrivelove a classic, placing Prince Jema in a league with top tier artist like Drake, The Weeknd, and Kanye West. "Liz" makes you want to re evaluable all of the promises made to you by your significant other, the vocals are well delivered and the track produced by Prince Jema puts you in his shoes of deep sorrow.

Track Listing of Shrivelove

1. Blind Search (produced by 30 second hits)

2. Where You Going (produced by Cutz)

3. Dance Floor (produced by Dirty Dolla Dub)

4. Forbidden Fruit (produced by 30 second hits)

5. Emoji ft. Appllo Thyrteen (produced by 30second hits & OZP ONDA TRACK)

6. Could This Be Love (produced by Cutz)

7. On My Way (produced by OZP ONDA TRACK)

8. Gone Away (produced by 30 second hits)

9. Liz (Lies) (produced by 30 second hits)

10. Plane (produced by 30 second hits)

11. (bonus) LMGSP ft. Lajan Man, Dirty Dolla Dub (produced by. Sanzaves)

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