Updated: Oct 27, 2018


(October 26, 2018 – Miami, FL) – Today, Miami's fresh new pop royalty LV returns with her brand new single Drunk TXT.via International Music Group/ EMPIRE Records. This marks the artist’s second single of 2018, Independently she release "Forget You", in mid March earlier this year.

Drunk TXT delivers a sexy, confident, yet vulnerable ballad. LV’s mesmerizing vocals sound relaxed and luxurious the spellbinding and catchy hook, leave your soul begging for more. Lyrics like When I’m lonely and it’s past 2 and I’m fucked up, kinda drunk too. I feel sexy and I call you, you better pick up the phone are raw, relatable, and risky, Drunk TXT vividly conveys the dark and lonely urge to be reunited with a past lover under the influence. The empathic record sets the stage for much more music to come.

LV is here to bring pop to a new frontier, in which there is so much new real estate. "Drunk TXT" is a sign that true pop records don't have to be bubbly or lovey dovey to consume.

Every once in a generation, a transcending artist comes along and flips everything upside down. When it comes to pop music, we believe LV is that artist.

LV is not reinventing the pop wheel by any means, but after a couple shots of "Drunk TXT" we are sure you will be in the mood for more.

Now, LV’s positioned to undoubtedly change the pop scene with her sexy pop tunes yet down to earth subject matter! She has been compared to Rihanna musical but with the vocal range of a Beyonce. With those comparison its no wonder the industry is excited about its next new Superstar.


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